Touch Screen – Infrared


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Touch Screen

The mirror screen now works with touch screens. A calibration of sensitive areas is performed for an easy and comfortable navigation.


4K Screen

Made from high-quality materials, the mirror screen offers an image resolution up to 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels (4K).



HDMI transfers the audio/video signals from your DVD or BluRay player, Home Cinema, or any other AV device to your flat screen. The standard 1.4 ensures the compatibility of the 3D video formats and allows the implementation of an ARC functionality.


Full HD

Be closer than ever to reality with HD resolution (1920 x 1080p). It allows you to enjoy all your high-definition content.

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Ultra Connect

All of our TVs are ultra-connected. All devices can be connected to our TV (Smartphone, video game console, VCR, TNT decoder, internet and computer) in order to enjoy their content on your screen.

True Colors

The different glass treatment layers applied on the mirror ensure vibrant and true colors comparing to the original image.


Pure Image Technology

The Mirror televisions are designed to display optimal contrast and brightness, regardless of the room lighting. Once your TV is turned off, the mirror hides the TV screen entirely.


Quality Control

We check all our products before shipment. Our quality control includes the glass inspection, light tests, the checking of the colors, the corners of the glass and the chamfered angles.


Easy Installation

The Ox-Home products are designed so that their installation is as easy as possible.



As pledge, our products are entirely hand-made in order to achieve optimum finish.



Our solutions in the infrared touch screen, with or without mirror will dynamise your entry hall, et products presentation in colors and shapes of your choice.